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Mannarasala Temple Places


This is one of the unique places to visit in Alleppey. Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple, as the name suggests, is a temple devoted to snakes. In fact, it is actually an important place of worship for the devotees of the serpent god or Nagaraja. The Mannarasala Temple is the biggest of its kind in Kerala and is considered to be a powerful place of worship.

Most snake temples are located deep inside forests, and Mannarasala is no different. It stands deep within the forest glade but this does not deter pilgrims. The temple witnesses a lot of people coming in daily; people who come to the temple in order to pray. Women who desire babies come here to pray for fertility. Once the wish comes true, the baby is brought to the temple and a ceremony felicitating the powers of Nagaraja is held.

The interiors of the temple are full of snake paintings. The temple is a great pilgrimage location for tourists; additionally, it gives some insight into the diversity of the culture and traditions of Kerala.


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