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Sita Devi Lake Places


Another of the Idukki tourist places, Sita Devi Lake, is located at an altitude of 1800 meters (5900 ft) above the sea level. The lake also referred to as Devikulam, which means lake of the Goddess, is supposedly linked to the epic Ramayana. According to the myth, it is said that Goddess Sita Devi, the consort of Lord Rama, had bathed in these waters.

Tourists prefer to take a dip in the waters of this lake, not only due to its sacredness but also because of the purported curative powers of its mineral waters. The distant cloud-capped the Blue Mountains, the velvety rolling evergreen hills, and the natural vegetation of slim red, blue, and yellow gum trees hypnotize the visitors.

This makes it a wonderful picnic spot. Its pristine waters also make it be a perfect place for trout fishing. Devikulam is a trekkers’ haven.


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