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Thumboormuzhi Garden Places

Peechi, Thrissur

Nestled in the Chalakkudy River glade while going towards the Athirappalli Waterfalls lies the Thumboormuzhi Dam and Garden. Situated in a mystic forest patch, this place is lesser known which makes it a treasure of the Thrissur district. Thumboormuzhi has almost everything to spice up your holidays – the dam, a butterfly garden, hanging bridge, and children’s park. This natural habitat of the butterflies is believed to consist of almost all the species of butterflies in the world. If you are looking for time away from the noisy and monotonous schedule of yours to rest in the midst of greenery with serene surroundings, then Thumboormuzhi is the place for you.

The park has around 148 species of butterflies which appear even more beautiful if you visit the place early morning. The biggest butterflies visit the park during the monsoon season which is an absolute treat for the eyes. Some of the commonly observed species of butterflies in the park include lemon butterfly, common rose, southern birdwing, dark blue tiger, and light blue tiger. To feed these butterflies, some of the plants grown in the region are Pagoda flower, flame or fire lily, Mexican heather, Heliotropium etc. The park also provides a river view, a view of the virgin forest, a beautiful garden, and a children’s park. Some facilities provided to the tourists include a bathing ghat, washrooms, parking spaces, washrooms, and a DTPC restaurant to sit and relax.


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