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Kanakakunnu Palace

Kanakakunnu Palace


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Neighbour to the famous Napier Museum stands Kanakannu Palace, an embodiment of excellent craftsmanship and architecture. This palace is the pride possession of the state of Kerala. Built by Sree Moolan Thirunal for holding royal ceremonies and banquets, it retains its image as a place of entertainment for the royal family. At present too, the palace plays host for many cultural programs.

Swathi Thirunal, who was a popular ruler of his time, constructed tennis courts in the premises of the palace. Enormous and exquisite crystal chandeliers and antique furniture are the most attractive features here. The beautiful structure is a living testimony of the lifestyle of royals in Kerala. The picturesque backdrop of small yet lush hills and verdant meadows makes it one of the most visited tourist places in Trivandrum.

Kanakakunnu Palace is the cultural hub of the city. The palace complex now owns two auditoriums, where a large number of cultural events take place. If you plan a visit, make sure you catch up the All India Dance Festival, popularly known as Nishgandhi festival hosted annually here.


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